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Gift Vouchers for Japanese Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Gift Voucher for Japanese Shiatsu Massage Therapy in Colombo Sri Lanka

We provide training and economic empowerment for the visually impaired through the provision of top quality shiatsu massage therapy in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Perfect Present

The perfect present for your friends and loved ones - buy them a Shiatsu massage therapy at Thusare Talking Hands. Not only will you be giving a top quality therapeutic massage, but you'll also be supporting our mission to train and economically empower blind Sri Lankans. Prices are from Rs.2000 (see all options below).

What Our Clients Say

"These gorgeous people are not only kind, sensitive and compassionate human beings... they are highly skilled and very professional shiatsu massage therapists. Talking hands and loving hearts, not only they helped my persistent hamstring injury heal."

Anna Suvorova

"The therapists here provide traditional shiatsu massages, similar to those provided in Japan.  The experience is not only relaxing, but is a proper treatment of Oriental medicine. In Japan, many visually impaired people are acupressure therapists, as their sense of touch is much more sensitive than others. I strongly recommend people to try this out."

Keiko Matsuo

"It was an experience. The treatment was professional, done very well and with great care. It's also an inspiration to all of us that it's possible for anyone to accept what life has offered and move forward to impact so many."

Yuwanmini Landersz

Options For Your Gift Voucher

Full Body (60mins Rs.3500, 90mins Rs.5000, 120mins Rs.6500)

Full body Shiatsu treatment includes stretches, joint manipulation and soft deep pressure using fingers, thumbs and palms of the hand. Treatment takes place fully clothed. The therapy can be focused on one or more specific symptoms or conditions, or simply taken to maintain good health and well-being. For maximum effectiveness, please avoid alcohol and large meals on the day of your treatment. Many of our clients return to us on a regular basis because they find our treatment so beneficial.

Foot and Lower Leg Massage (30mins Rs.2500, 60mins Rs.3500)

Our feet and lower legs take a lot of stress in daily life. Long hours standing, sitting, walking or taking physical exercise all take their toll on this important part of the body. Our therapy focuses on revitalises your feet and lower legs, is very relaxing and promotes well-being.

Head, Neck & Shoulders (30mins Rs.2500, 60 mins Rs.3500)

The mental stress of everyday life often exhibits itself in discomfort and aches in the head, neck and shoulders. Gently and deep Shiatsu treatment relieves discomfort and is deeply de-stressing, and leaves you feeling fully relaxed.

Body Examination and Focused Treatment (Inactive)

This involves an examination and detailed body 'scan' by our highly experienced lead therapist in order to fully identify any problematic areas of your body. Then, as well as treating the whole body,  the massage therapy will focus on those key areas in order to maximise the benefits, whether that's pain relief, increased mobility, other health issues, relaxation and general well-being.  

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